Hearing Protectors

When the noise level is over 80 dB(A), hearing protectors should be used. Hearing protectors should be used in the entire period that noise occurs. Even a short time of exposure to loud noise without hearing protectors can result in hearing loss.

Hearing protectors are a temporary solution that can be used until the noise is reduced.

There is a large variance in how effective hearing protectors are. The reduction of the product shall appear on the packaging. Remember that the amount of reduction that is given by the producer of the hearing protector is measured in ideal conditions. The values are therefore larger than the reduction that is actually achieved in everyday use. Use only approved hearing protectors.

Hearing protectors should be fitted to the user. Just as each person cannot wear the same shoe, there is a difference in how a hearing protector feels and fits its wearer.

Hearing protectors can be ear cups or earplugs. Ear cups are recommended to normal daily use in agriculture. They give the best protection and the fewest problems, which could be for example, dirt in the ear canal.

Ear cups can wear, the strap can become stretched, and the clamping ring can be ruined. Hearing protectors should be kept in good condition and should always be carried where there is noise present.


Normal standard hearing protectors.


Folding ear cups.
They can fold together and hang on the belt. They are then always in reach when needed.


Electronic hearing protectors.
They are electronically connected to microphones outside and loudspeakers inside. If the sound level becomes high, the sound is electronically limited on the inside of the hearing protectors. They ensure that people can speak clearly to one another where there is no noise present, while at the same time protecting against hearing damage. They are recommended for people that are hearing handicapped.


Hearing protectors with radio.
For many it is desirable to have a radio in the hearing protector, so that they can hear a radio while protecting from noise. The radio can normally be turned up to 82 dB(A).


Headset. Different methods for communication equipment can be built in the hearing protectors. Used mostly for special purposes.


Earplugs are placed in the ear canal. Earplugs cannot be recommended for daily use in agriculture.